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Pivotal GR Solutions

Pivotal GR Solutions is a full-service government and community relations firm with a proven record of success.

Our trusted team of advocates and advisers know that representing you in those pivotal moments requires intense preparation, knowledge, respect of the process, and most importantly, determination. With deep roots and strong relationships, our team is here to help you navigate the legislative, regulatory, and political waters of the Bayou State and beyond.


About Pivitol GR Solutions


Led by a group of diverse professionals, Pivotal GR Solutions understands that not every issue requires the same solution, our team works to create dynamic approaches for each individual client need.

Our firm works collaboratively with our clients to strategize, outline and develop a comprehensive plan of action for each of our issues.





Navigating the Louisiana Legislature requires intense preparation, knowledge, respect of the process, & determination. Our experienced team believes in taking the hard right over the easy wrong and will always represent your interest with integrity. We understand that not every issue requires the same solution and our team works tirelessly to craft dynamic solutions that leverage the process to your advantage. 



With more than 460 boards and commissions and numerous State Agencies regulating business in Louisiana, we believe that constant monitoring of their endeavors is the first step to advocating for our clients. The Pivotal Team stays abreast of policy and regulatory developments in order to identify potential issues even before a solution is required.



Operating under a $29 billion budget, the State of Louisiana is one of the top employers and contractors in the state. Our team’s astute understanding of state government and knowledge of the procurement process aides our clients in expanding their footprint throughout Louisiana. 


Local Government

Hailing from areas across the Bayou State, the Pivotal Team has deep relationships with not only decision makers at the State level, but also in its local communities. We know that sometimes local issues are often the catalyst for larger issues statewide and we work tirelessly to provide pivotal solutions to these matters before they reach the legislative chambers.



Often, our clients’ issues can be addressed by working together with community leaders. Our professionals leverage their vast experience and community involvement to connect clients with local leaders and craft messaging to mitigate issues at a grassroots level.



The Pivotal Team has more than fifty years of combined experience in a wide array of issues dominating the political landscape of the Bayou State. Our professionals specialize in diving deep into issues to craft approaches that both respect the process and meet the unique circumstances of each client. Pivotal’s areas of expertise include:

Regardless of your industry our team will be committed to your success in all pivotal moments.



Louisiana residents cannot afford home insurance because for years Commissioner Jim Donelon has put big insurance companies before the people of Louisiana. #LaLege #LaGov

Several lawmakers who voted for the bill spoke on the floor to express their frustration with the fund, which many have described as a Band-Aid on a large wound. @PiperHutchBR reports: #lalege #lagov

Lawmakers expressed they think an incentive fund to lure new insurers to the state is a gamble, but advanced funding for the program anyway #lalege #lagov


Dynamic speakers, in-depth policy discussions, and real solutions for Louisiana. Join us on March 9th at the Hilton Capitol Center in Baton Rouge for Solutions Summit 2023! #lalege #SolutionsSummit

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According to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), nearly 50% of toll revenue collected is diverted to uses other than the operation of toll roads and bridges.

Article: http://ow.ly/xJej50MEZc6

#NoInterstateTolls #TollsAreADoubleTax #Lagov #LaLege

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